UniCEUB is a higher education institution located in Brasilia. With the aim of seeking to get closer to the education market and gain competitiveness without losing the deep relationship that it has with its employees, UniCEUB invited us to design their new employee experience strategy, the EVP (Employee Value Proposition), its Principles and Roadmap.

The great challenge of any educational institution is to be able to satisfactorily balance the three pillars of its business: students, teachers and technical-administrative staff. Thus, the need for a strategy to improve the experience of the UniCEUB employee was needed, looking at the real needs and motivations of employees within their specific routines (according to their position within the institution), designing new services and offers for the Human Resources area.

This project opened up new opportunities for Human Resources as an innovation lab within UniCEUB, applying the design approach to improve processes and the employee’s lives.

My Role: Design Lead, project and team management
Company: Glimpse
The UniCEUB Employee Journey Map, with the final HR offers created by the employees themselves (blurred for confidentiality)

The UniCEUB Employee Experience Strategy Board

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