My name is Pedro Machado. I’m a product and graphic designer by degree and service designer by nature. Throughout my professional life I've worked with all kinds of projects, from conservative clients to bold people, from companies with a large legacy to zero-budget startups. To me, a Design approach is fundamental for connecting creative processes do business systems and methods.
I am a Service Designer experienced in developing custom workshops for companies using Design Thinking applied to business and services. Have been working with Employee Experience, Innovation Management and Structuring inside companies (DesignOps), Staff training in Design Thinking, Re-evaluation of companies' Values and Principles, Mentoring and Agile Methods.Experienced Graphic Designer and former parter and co-founder of Grande Circular Design in Brasília. Worked with startups and big companies in a great variety of projects that included InformationDesign, Editorial, Illustrations, Branding & Identity, Interior,Collaterals and Web Design.
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