Grupo Jacarandá is an association of contractor and real-estate companies from Goiânia-Brazil that is opening a new planned neighborhood in the north part of the city, with areas dedicated to public services, parks, leisure, sport, businesses, office buildings and closed residential condominiums (houses and apartments).
We were invited by the group to facilitate a Design Sprint in order to better understand the house condo residents and to find a differential for this new venture. Provided by a complex and detailed Master Plan of the new neighborhood, we planned how our work week would be, respecting the Plan in order to complement it, giving the human touch that the Design approach provides. With the team of facilitators, entrepreneurs and invited experts ready, we did quick interviews and field research with residents, ex-residents and contractors of closed horizontal condominiums, to know better who we would invite as users and to have more background in doing the Service Ecosystem, everything that permeates and interacts with a closed condominium. 
During the 5 days of work we realized how great is the amount of journeys of residents, visitors and service providers, and we decided to leave our challenge broader, focusing on several issues that could greatly improve the lives of those who live and work in closed condominiums . At the end of the Sprint we came to 15 service concepts to be provided by condominium management, validated with investors, users and specialists. We concluded that it is not a great innovation that will be what makes the condo stood out from others, but to understand that small actions make a lot of difference in the day to day of who lives, works and lives in the condominium.

My Role: Project manager, Service Designer
Company: Livework
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