Alpargatas is a company that produces and manages the brands like Havaianas, Mizuno and Osklen. In order to diagnose and create a new Employee Experience, that is, to create the ideal journey for Alpargatas’ employees and how the company can provide services and actions to make it happen at its best - aiming to attract and retain talents.
The Alpargatas Employee Experience Report contains the general diagnosis of employee profiles (behavioral traits that transcend demographic requirements, position, company time, etc.), Alpargatas Culture (traits of company culture and how employees experience the company, and the intersection between this culture and what the company expects from its employees (the so-called Critical Success Factors, which were used in their evaluations and bonuses). The employee's journey was traced, their needs in each moment and the solutions/actions provided by the People Management area of ​​Alpargatas, detailed in a Project Canvas model. In the end, an action plan divided into implementation waves, prioritized according to Alpargatas’ capacity and impact in the employee life.

My Role: Service Designer
Company: Livework
The Alpargatas Employee Journey Map, with the final solutions created by the employees themselves (blurred for confidentiality)
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